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Your Guide to Getting and Living with a New Smile 

Living with lost teeth is certainly not easy and presents several challenges. Missing teeth can make it difficult to chew and converse. Dentures can be useful whether you are missing a whole set of teeth or just one. Losing teeth can also change the appearance of your face, making your cheeks appear sunken. Similarly, tooth loss can induce nutritional deficiencies due to chewing issues. This is why, if you are suffering from tooth loss, you should consider getting complete or partial dentures right away.

Dentures are artificial teeth that seem natural and last a long time, making them an excellent choice for replacement teeth. Unlike ancient dentures, which were bulky and unpleasant, modern dentures are comprised of high-quality materials such as porcelain and hard resin, making them easier to clean and maintain. You can speak to a family dentist in Lawton, OK and learn more. 

Understanding dentures 

Getting dentures might be daunting since it represents a huge life shift. If you are missing teeth, there are several reasons why you might need to wear dentures, therefore, you should go into the procedure with awareness and understanding. 

Whether you require full or partial dentures, you should have thorough information to help you navigate the path to a confident and comfortable smile.

Do you need dentures? Signs and symptoms 

  • You have loose teeth 

If you have loose teeth, infection can cause bone loss, leading to pain when you eat. As a result, it may be necessary to extract the loose teeth. Once removed, they can be replaced by dentures.

  • Your gums are bleeding, swollen, tender, or red 

Tender, red, or swollen gums, as well as bleeding caused by irritation or infection, may indicate periodontal disease. Severe periodontal disease might need tooth extraction. Once the diseased tooth is extracted, the gums can mend and become painless. The holes can then be filled with mouth appliances. 

  • Missing teeth cause gaps 

If you have gaps in your cavities, especially in the front, it will impact your smile. Dentures can replace lost teeth.

  • You have an intense toothache 

Infected teeth can cause excruciating toothache, which is a typical reason for tooth extraction. Before removing your tooth, your dentist will explore if it is the best option and explain other techniques to replace a removed tooth. Although dental implants are not a permanent option, they can be utilized to replace a tooth while other treatments are being undertaken temporarily.

Consult a dentist today. 

Your dentist will evaluate the necessity for dentures by inspecting your gums and oral health. Based on the findings, the dentist will decide if conventional dentures are a good fit for you.

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