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Know How You Can Benefit from Bulk Bill

Achieve Good Health and Well Being

There may betimes, when you need to see a doctor, but avoid the visit as a doctor’s visit can be very expensive. Doctors’ fee or a particular treatment can eat into your monthly budget and can be a concern for several families. But you do not need to delay your doctor’s visit, asthe Bulk Billing system is a beneficial solution for this problem. Bulk billing allows you to get treated by an experienced and qualified doctor, without having to pay for it. Your doctor bills Medicare directly and the Government provides them with Medicare benefit as the fee for their services.

Whenever, you need to see a doctor, don’t avoid the visit; instead ask the clinic about bulk billing services and then book an appointment. However, you need to have a valid Medicare card to be eligible for bulk-billing. You can look for a Medicare bulk billing healthcare practice near you, on a search engine.

Bulk billing does not cover every service, but it does cover the most commonly required services such as a general checkup, eye test by optometrists, some pathology tests and x-rays etc. It does not cover services such as physiotherapy, some kinds of dental work, Optical aids, ambulance services and more. Also, if you take more than 1 service, in a single visit, you may not be able to gain the bulk bill benefit for every service.

Healthcare Should be Affordable and Accessible for Every Citizen

Not all medical professionals accept bulk billing, however, Bundoora Family Clinic believes that healthcare should be inexpensive and accessible for everybody, and therefore they provide bulk billing services to their patients.

Ideally, every person who needs medical care should be able to find it easily and should feel safe and confident that their health is in capable hands. Access to affordable and quality healthcare services helps in maintain and promoting health, reducing diseases and the rate of untimely deaths. Bundoora Family Clinic, a bulk bill medical clinic, is one of the best health care clinics as they have highly qualified and skilled doctors to provide you with quality healthcare.

Bundoora Family Clinic offers several services ranging from a Psychologist, to a general physician to a pathology lab and evendentists and cosmetic services. You can even get you travel vaccine at Bundoora Family Clinic, if you are planning travel to another country. It is a one stop station for all your health needs. They even run yoga and meditation classes,for your physical and mental wellbeing. In addition, to all these services they practice holistic natural treatments such as the ancient Ayurveda.

To de-stress from your busy daily routine, you must visit the spa at Bundoora Family Clinic. They provide self-relaxation and pampering services such as hydro therapy, thermal therapy, body massage and a lot more to relax you. You can even enroll for a weight loss program or their preventive care services.

To experience high quality medical care by qualified and helpful doctors, schedule an appointment at Bundoora Family Clinic.

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