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How to build an effective brightening skincare routine using brightening serum & other products

The daily dust clogs our skin pores, making it look dull and tired by the end of the day. It is important to curate an effective brightening skincare routine that will be able to remove the dirt and oil accumulated on our skin. One should choose a brightening skincare routine depending on their skin type otherwise it can lead to other stubborn skin problems.

There are many products in the market that one can choose while curating their skincare regime. However, one has to always scan through and see the products that have no harsh chemicals. Applying serums has become an important step in our skincare routine. A skin brightening serum works effectively and removes all the accumulated dirt.

Serums help to moisturize our skin and keep it clean throughout the day. One should use a skin brightening serum twice a day to keep dirt and pollution at bay. With time, serums have become an important skincare product that everybody should incorporate into their routine. It also helps to fight the existing skin problems that topical medicines cannot solve. If used regularly, a skin brightening serum helps to get back the natural glow of our skin that gets hidden due to dust and pollution.

Beginners Guide To Building A Brightening Skincare Routine

Beginners who do not know much about skincare, often get stuck while building their routine and choosing the products. It can be a little tricky and confusing at the beginning as their a lot of products but once a person gets the hang of it, building a skincare routine is no more a problem.

To help the beginners know when to use a skin brightening serum in the skincare routine, here is a quick guide that can assist:

Use a face wash

The first step in a brightening skincare routine is a facewash. It removes all the dirt and oil accumulated throughout the day, thus making it squeaky clean to soak other products. Find a mild face wash that is suitable for your skin and can help in brightening. It should be able to remove all the excess oil and unclog the pores. Using a face wash is very important before applying other products.

Use a toner

After the face wash, a toner acts as a double cleanser. It digs deep into the skin and gets rid of the dirt that a face wash alone cannot do. One should choose a toner that does not dry the skin or cause irritation. Many toners are loaded with chemicals that can cause skin problems.

Apply serum

After the face wash and toner, using a skin brightening serum is the next important step. Use this serum in the morning and also at night to see the results. Find a serum that has no chemicals and has all the ingredients that help to retain the natural glow of the skin. A skin brightening serum is also important to balance the natural moisture of our skin that makes it look healthy. This should be the third step because the first two products can dry the skin. A serum will help to balance the good oils. Choose a serum based on your skin type to witness the effective results.


The last step is a moisturizer that helps to hydrate the skin. Choose a lightweight and non-comedogenic moisturizer that does not clog the pores. The moisturizer and serum should have ingredients that are compatible and can be paired with each other.

You can buy Deconstruct’s brightening serum online if you are looking for a safe and effective skin brightening serum. It will help the skin to stay healthy and glowing throughout the day by fighting the dust. This brightening serum is also suitable for all skin types.

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