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Health Insurance for H1B Visa Holders

H-1B Visa is a temporary work Visa for nonimmigrants in US offered by US employers in specialty occupations. H4 Visa is given to dependents of the H1 Visa holder. The dependent could be a spouse or minor children.

H-1B Health insurance (aka h1b 保险) has now been made mandatory in the US according to the Affordable Care Act (ACA). However, it is important to understand the Affordable Care Act commonly referred to as Obamacare. The Trump administration has however repealed the requirement making it compulsory to have health insurance since December 31, 2018. Obamacare is however not Government subsidized health care like in some other countries.

H-1B medical insurance (aka h1b 医疗保险) is however an essential requirement for anyone living in the United States given the high cost of healthcare for H1B visitors in the US. Not having proper healthcare coverage while on the H1B visa can have huge adverse implications. For example, people have to pay the U.S. dental visits (aka 美国 看牙) expense and/or the entire health insurance — teeth cleaning (aka 医疗保险 洗牙)— out of their pocket which can easily be in hundreds of thousands of dollars or more.

When the spouse or children or other dependents come to visit H-1B Visa holders, they should purchase recommended U.S. travel insurance (aka 美国旅游保险推荐). If they come to the United States with J-1 Visas, they are required to have J-1 visa insurance (aka j1 签证 保险).

H1B H4 visa insurance US employers with more than 50 full time employees provide health care coverage. If there are less than 50 full time employees and if your employer does not provide health care coverage, you need to purchase a qualified health insurance plan to receive coverage for medical treatment. While employers provide some cover for H1B visa holders, they do not usually provide coverage for H4 Visa holders.

At American visitor insurance we offer a number of short-term visitor insurance plans which however do not satisfy Obamacare (ACA) requirements. These plans work well even while you are waiting for your employer’s plan or during the time period before you can purchase a domestic Obamacare US plan.

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