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Health Benefits of Using Rubber Bumper Plates

Rubber bumper plates come in four vibrant colors: red, green, blue, yellow (and black). They are made of high-density rubber. These plates are ideal for Olympic weightlifting as well as premium home gyms, commercial gyms and CrossFit boxes.

Their gloss-matte-gloss textured matte finish gives them a bolder look and makes them easy to clean. They weigh as low as 5KG and as heavy as 25KG.

Their white lettering is an added advantage as it looks sharp and highly visible from a distance. They are designed to bounce less when dropped which means less time chasing the bar around the gym.

What are the health benefits of using rubber bumper plates?

Burning fat

Fat-burning exercises are based around long runs, extensive cardio sessions and lengthy walks. But using rubber bumper plates may be more effective in burning fats. They not only help in building muscles but also in losing weight.

Increased metabolic rate

Maintaining muscles requires more energy than maintaining fats. By building muscle mass, muscle growth hormones are stimulated this way.

Burning calories by working larger muscles

The larger the muscles the more energy is required to move. Lifting weight will target the chest, abs, back, glutes and quads. In this way, more calories are burnt.

Improved upper body strength

Most runners benefit from working their legs but their upper body can suffer if not given the attention it requires. Ignoring the upper body will eventually lead to back problems and poor posture. By lifting weights, the upper body benefits.

Makes the workout more efficient

Since lifting weights is a compound exercise, different muscles are hit at the same time. This helps build muscle mass in turn stimulating muscle growth hormones.

Reduced risk of injury

Stronger muscles are better at supporting the joints and this reduces the risk of a person injuring themselves. Weaker muscles are easily overworked by simple things like running or cycling. This makes them more prone to injuries and they can hinder a person’s training routine.

Improved mobility

Lifting weights as a form of resistance training is not always about improving the size and quality of muscles. Resistance training is also about improving one’s fitness levels as a whole. This includes working on the stability and balance of the joints.

Being prepared for the future

 As old age knocks, people’s bodies tend to be at a higher risk of injuries.  The more a person lifts weights, the stronger they become and the more they build their muscles. Building muscles makes one better equipped to deal with all the pressures they encounter on a daily basis.

It is a way of future-proofing one’s body.

Weight lifting is definitely one exercise everybody should indulge in. Using rubber bumper plates to do it is even better.

It might not be on a daily basis but doing this frequently is good for one’s body. The article has outlined many benefits of weight lifting and this should motivate everybody to try it.

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