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Everything You Need To Start Vaping With A Sub-Ohm Device

If you are a keen vaper and you want to make massive vape clouds, you will need to ensure that you have the correct vaping device and accessories to do the job. You will be able to get everything that you need at your local vape store or one of the many reputable online stockists. There are plenty of choices of kit that you can use, and there is something at almost every price point so suitable for all budgets. Below is a summary of everything that you will need to start blowing gigantic vape clouds and maximise your enjoyment from vaping.

Choosing The Best Sub-Ohm Vaping Device

When vaping first started, it was all about having an alternative to smoking that is much safer for you than smoking. However, as the technology has improved, the quest for cloud chasing started, and many users love creating massive plumes of vape. If you are looking to do this, you will most likely want a sub-ohm vape device to help you do this. When you look at the available products in this category, you will see lots of choices, so it may be best to ask friends and family for recommendations and visit your local vaping store. You can see all the different sub-ohm vapes available, and you can find out the pros and cons of each model. Once you know which one you want, then there are a few other things that you may need to get also.

Choosing Your Preferred E-Liquid

When you use a sub-ohm vape device, it will also open many different e-liquids from which you can choose. If you want to create massive vape clouds, you will want to buy e-liquid with a higher VG (vegetable glycerine) ratio rather than PG (propylene glycol), as it is the VG that creates the large vape clouds. The PG is what gives you the hit on your throat when vaping and is a thinner liquid, so it does not produce as much vape smoke. As well as the VG/PG ration, you will also need to choose the correct nicotine strength that you prefer, and you will find that there are a variety of levels of nicotine available, including:

  • Omg
  • 3mg
  • 6mg
  • 12mg
  • 18mg
  • 24mg

You will also want to look at all the available flavours and choose your preferred flavour profile, and you may wish to select a nicotine salts e-liquid which many vapers prefer. Nicotine salts occur naturally in the tobacco plant, and it helps enhance the flavour and gets the nicotine into your system quicker than regular e-liquids. When you want to buy e-liquid, there are many choices available, whether you are looking to chase clouds or not.

Do Not Forget Your Accessories

There are also accessories that you may wish to purchase to help keep you vaping without any problems. You may want to get an additional battery for your device if it has a removable one, and you will also need replacement coils. You can also get a lanyard or a pouch for your belt so you can keep your vape device, handy always and ensure that you have plenty of e-liquid available.

When you want to quit smoking, vaping is an excellent way to stop smoking cigarettes and control your nicotine intake. Ensure that you have everything you need, and you can prevent yourself from falling off the wagon and going back to cigarettes.

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