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Do Dogs Really Need Vitamins and Other Supplements?

Several people nowadays regularly supplement their diet with vitamin and mineral supplements. There has been a recent uptick in the number of people giving their dogs extra vitamins and minerals. Should you supplement your dog’s diet with vitamins and minerals? Do you have any idea whether these are harmful to canines? All of the answers are conditional on the specific dog in question and the various supplement types being addressed.

Essential Vitamins

In order to be healthy and robust, all dog breeds need the same basic nutritional supplements. The good news is that you can get all of these benefits from a healthy, well-rounded diet. The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) guarantees that commercial dog foods meet the nutritional standards necessary to keep your dog healthy when they label their products accordingly. Choosing the Holistapet products is essential here. You may take it to the next level by deciding to eat only premium-quality foods. Experts agree that if you feed your dog high-quality ingredients, his or her body will have an easier time absorbing and using the vitamins and minerals in the food.

The Nutrient lacking

If you opt to make dog food at home, you may discover that it is lacking in the essential nutrients for a complete and balanced meal. Working together with your animal’s vet can help you get the required recipes and supplies, such as vitamins, minerals, and supplements. Using information from these sites can help you create a well-rounded and complete dish. Also, you may tailor made meals and recipes for canines with certain health issues. Your doctor may advise you to see a veterinary nutritionist for help in determining the best diet for your dog if the homemade food is meant to address a medical condition. This is so because a vet who specialises in nutrition has received additional education on the proper diet for dogs.

Feeding the Dogs

If you feed your dog a complete and balanced diet, he likely won’t need any extra vitamins and minerals. Adding supplements might be harmful if your dog already gets too much of a specific vitamin from their diet. Example: a dog needs enough vitamin A for their metabolism and immune system to work properly, but too much of it may be hazardous. Loss of appetite, tiredness, nausea, peeling skin, weakness, tremors, convulsions, paralysis, and even death have all been linked to vitamin A overdoses.


Your veterinarian will suggest vitamins and minerals for your dog when he or she diagnoses a deficiency. Going for the Holistapet products is essential there. Your veterinarian may recommend adding vitamins, minerals, or supplements to your dog’s diet to aid in the treatment of a health condition or to support a dog with a poor appetite.

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