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Cranberry is the Best Medicine to Avoid Urinary Tract Infection

Fresh cranberries are hard, bitter and sour in taste, thus they can’t be eaten raw. All cranberries are dried, processed to use them as juice or in sauce. Since they taste bitter, therefore they are processed with other fruits to give them a sweet flavour. Some of the processed cranberry products also have added artificial sweetener or preservatives.

In older days, harvesting and picking cranberry was very difficult and tiring. Luckily farmers saw that cranberry could float in water, therefore they started filling their fields with gallons of water. Once cranberries were harvested, with the help of machine, they gently shook the shrubs to detach all cranberries from it. This small fruit fell on water and started to float. Then they were drawn to one basin or pond and collected from their in trucks to be sent to factories.

There are any companies who provide cranberry products across the world. In Quebec Canada, the most renowned company that provides authentic and pure form of cranberry products is Delices Erable & Cie. They have been in this business since 1999. Initially they just focussed on producing maple juice, but with increasing reputation and fame, they extended their business towards cranberry and honey as well. You can also check their various product options at

Cranberry is considered a fruit that is used in preparing muffins, cakes, breads and scones. It is served in Thanksgiving as jelly or sauce with roasted turkey in Canada and US. It is commonly used to give tartness to savoury dishes. Cranberry is cultivated in North of Canada, United States and in Chile. In ancient times, cranberry was used for medicinal benefit.

Here are some benefits of cranberry –

  • They have good content of vitamin A, vitamin K, and vitamin C. also, compared to other fruits, cranberry has less calories.
  • It also contains antioxidant which helps in increasing immunity and fighting against diseases.
  • Mainly it helps in reducing the chances of UTI, especially for those who are prone to infections. The antioxidants PACs present in cranberry prevent bacteria formation in urinary tract walls which reduces the chances of infection.
  • Polyphenol in cranberry reduces the chances of cardiovascular diseases. It helps in reducing blood pressure and controlling the building up of platelets.
  • It helps in treating prostate, liver, colon, ovarian and breast cancer.
  • It also assists in preventing any sort of gum disease and therefore, is good for oral health.

Even though cranberry provides health benefits, still before consuming it you should talk to your doctor as it contains vitamin K which can be harmful for those who take medicine for blood thinning. Also, cranberry juice, jelly or other products that have preservative or other artificial sweetener, available in the market will not provide health benefits.

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