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Crafted Comfort: Unveiling The Potential Benefits Of Porcelain Crowns 

The dentist in Upper East Side, New York offers porcelain crowns to save many smiles every year. Crowns are specially designed, customized restorative prosthetics that are placed over damaged or extensively decayed teeth. They not only restore the appearance of your teeth but also their functionality. 

Porcelain crowns have successfully replaced traditional metal crowns since they offer a series of significant benefits. Read on to learn about them.

What is a porcelain crown?

Crowns popularly referred to as “caps”, are dental prosthetics that completely cover damaged teeth and extend down to the gum line so that they look like real, natural teeth. Porcelain crowns are specially tailored dental caps that enhance your smile and facial aesthetics. 

How is a porcelain crown fabricated?

Dentists will initially evaluate your oral cavity, symptoms, and medical history. They will then proceed by recording necessary radiographs to evaluate the extent of tooth decay and damage. Furthermore, your dentist will record impressions of your mouth and send them to the lab. Here the lab technician fabricates the crown and delivers it to the dentist for placement. 

Your dentist will check the crown fit and permanently fix it using dental cement. The dentist will check your bite for any high points and will make the necessary adjustments. 

How do they benefit you?

Porcelain crowns offer several compelling benefits that have been discussed in detail. 

Restorative benefits

  • Effectively restore large cavities which is not possible through regular fillings. 
  • Repair cracked and broken teeth
  • Strengthen poorly rotated or weakened teeth due to decay or disease 
  • They replace missing teeth with the help of dental implants
  • Cover severely discolored teeth 

Cosmetic benefits

  • Porcelain crowns look natural and easily blend with your real teeth
  • These crowns are exactly matched to your remaining natural teeth 
  • They are customized to blend with the original shape and size of your teeth
  • These crowns are stain-resistant, thus you can enjoy your favorite food and drinks without the fear of tooth discoloration
  • Impart a radiant healthy and beautiful smile 

Functional benefits 

  • Porcelain material is extremely strong thus these crowns last long, up to 15 years or longer
  • Since the crowns completely seal the tooth, further damage is prevented
  • Crowns help reduce tooth sensitivity
  • Porcelain crowns are very low-maintenance prosthetics that only require regular brushing and flossing 
  • You often do not experience any complications after getting porcelain crowns 
  • They are super affordable
  • Getting porcelain crowns is convenient


A visible chip, crack, or cavity should not be ignored and addressed immediately. If you experience a nagging toothache consult your dentist for further evaluation. You may require porcelain crowns. But before opting for them it is essential to be well-informed about porcelain crowns and their key benefits. 

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