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Considerations for Anybody Toying with The Idea of Nose Surgery

It’s possible that you’ve thought about getting a nose job in the past, but the sense of fear has kept you from going through with it. A brief look at current treatments reveals that there are operations, accessible today that have little to no negative influence on your lifestyle and, most significantly, your face, which, let’s ‘face’ it, you are trying to improve if you are interesting the topic of surgery;

Too good to be true?

The great thing about the types of treatments available today means that most people, if they wanted to, are now able for sign up to affordable and beautiful nose surgery (known as ศัลยกรรมจมูกสวย in Thai) with what some claim to be a no risk procedure with no danger of causing any unknown or future side effects, sounds a bit too good to be true….

Let’s take a short look at the top five things you should think about before making a reservation. Some may seem simple, but with the excitement and nervousness that must accompany signing up for surgery, you’ll definitely want a level head.

  1. Always ask to see before and after photos of past surgeries.

Your surgeon should be well-versed in rhinoplasty and facial aesthetics. Don’t be scared to inquire about your surgeon’s experience in this sector. You should look at patient images as well as before and after pictures from past jobs.

  1. Ask plenty of questions; a skilled surgeon will gladly answer them.

When looking for a nose job and a nose surgery clinic, you must ensure that you select the best specialist for your needs.

  1. Two weeks of rest is required!

Depending on how extensive the job is, a rhinoplasty procedure might require you to take at least two weeks rest. You are advised to relax as much as possible, until your nasal splint is removed.

  1. It may take up to a year to get the full effect.

A few weeks following surgery, your splint should come off. Then, you’ll begin to observe changes in your nose’s appearance.

  1. Have reasonable expectations for the ultimate results

Do not be scared to discuss your wishes with your surgeon; you will know whether your request is practical or indeed possible. Examine prior jobs of a similar kind and ask for a breakdown of the process and ongoing success. Be mindful that you are purchasing improvement rather than transformation.

Ask an expert

Overall, the procedure seems to be very simple and straight forward but, if you have questions then you are best to consult with your local surgeon.

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