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Common Mistakes to Avoid While Cooking Cannabis Edibles

There isn’t one right way to make edibles, but there are frequent mistakes in making cannabis edibles. We have pointed out a few mistakes frequently made when making cannabis edibles.

  • Mistake #1: Using too much flower for cannabis edibles

Solution: A little can go a long way

Always use this ratio instead:

1:1 – 1 cup of oil to 1 cup of ground weed (which is about 7-10 grams)

Lipids present in the oil can bind with many cannabinoids, so exceeding this ratio can be termed wasteful. Buying cheap weed is one way to save money, but if you’d like to keep more, try infusing your oil with cannabis stems, trim, or vaped cannabis.

  • Mistake #2:pouring ground cannabis directly into the mixture

Solution: Decarboxylate cannabis first

Before infusing cannabis into anything, it is essential that you decarboxylate first. Why? Firstly, the edible might end up tasting bad. Two, the cannabinoid present in flower is yet to be fully activated and might not affect the cooking. You will only have succeeded in wasting the cheap weed.

  • Mistake #3:Decarboxylating at the wrong temperatures

Solution:Study how to decarboxylate cannabis properly

It is not just enough to know how to decarboxylate cannabis; you have to know how to do it properly. From how hot the oven should be to how long it should stay in the oven; all these are essential to getting value out of your cannabis.

  1. Heat the oven to between 105°C – 120°C
  2. Heat for 30 minutes
  3. Stir the buds every 10 minutes (depending on the quantity of weed you are treating)
  • Mistake #4: Grinding your cannabis into a fine powder

Solution: Use a hand grinder for more coarse grind instead

Have you ever imagined why your edibles have a concentrated grassy flavor? Your cannabis might be ground to fine. Grinding your cannabis with a food processor or a coffee grinder until it becomes a powder will only:

  • Initiate chlorophyll taste (grassy taste) to your edible
  • Make your butter or oil look greenish and cost you its flavor
  • Make it impossible to strain the unwanted, bad-tasting plant material
  • Mistake #5: Improperly sieving or straining the oil

Solution:Pour unto cheesecloth without applying pressure

Cheesecloth is recommended because it allows oil to pass through seamlessly while separating it from the ground plant material. Refuse the urge to squeeze as you will get a bit more oil at the cost of allowing some ground material goes through.

  • Mistake #6:Adding too little or too much cannabis oil into your dish or cooking

Solution:Check the oil’s potency before applying it in your cooking

When you order for products from an online dispensary in Canada, these products come with labels entailing all lab test result of the product. Identify the potency of your desired cannabinoid and gauge dosage with that in consideration.

  • Mistake #7: Uneven distribution of potency in an infused edible

Solution: Stir very well

We’ve all experienced this, even in our regular cooking; where the spices are more in one side of the food than the other. It’s funny how you eat a few pieces of the food, and you don’t feel a thing, while a friend is only halfway through his first and can’t go on.

This is because you didn’t stir enough or evenly while you were adding the oil or product. Stir like the entire food’s tastiness depends on it, that’s when you get your reward evenly.

Before you buy cannabis online or some cheap weed product somewhere, be sure there is a label on it to explain the composition, dosage and usage of the product on it. Also, always be sure about the method to use when making edibles to avoid telling stories that touch the heart afterwards.

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